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Telephone Customer Service & Telephone Appointment Management

Secretarial Support Services / Telephone Customer Service & Appointment Management / Communication with suppliers & customers

If you don’t want to waste time answering phone calls and want to manage your appointments, you can choose this service. We achieve the optimal method of communication and feedback with your customers, tailored to your needs. With 16 years of customer service experience we answer your calls.

If your needs require twenty-four hour availability (24/7/365) contact us to find the most ideal solution.

After diverting calls from your line directly to ours, we answer your customers to schedule, modify your appointments or record important messages. These are some of the services we provide and you will receive a daily report.

After consultation with you and based on your requirements, we provide your clients with a reminder of their appointment via sms.


*We also undertake:

-Informative Campaigns (invitation, actions, message etc.)

-Client satisfaction Surveys


*( refers to outgoing calls)

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